Family photos aren't fun - Trying to get the kids dressed in holiday style clothes they HATE wearing then racing across town for your session. 

Staying In Sessions are designed for families who want photos that truly incite memories from small moments in time. 

We don't go to a park or a beach or a stuffy studio. We go where genuine moments unfold, the kids are making messes, laughing hysterically, and you and your family are comfortable - Your Home.  

Let's make memories by Staying In. 

Vognild Family

West Seattle, Washington

The Vognild family consists of Dave, Angelie and their two boys. With 3 boys in her home, Angelie has a house full of toy trucks, super hero books, and old vinyl records. The kids showed me their favorite belongings, books, and activities then read on rocking chairs that were made in Puerto Rico and passed down from Angelie to her boys. For breakfast, pancakes were made while listening to old jazz records on Dave's record player. After a hearty meal, it was time to make a mess in the backyard while Dave and Angelie looked on at how their boys were growing so fast right in front of their eyes. 

"My toddlers, a person they haven't been around before, a camera, and our daily home life - I immediately was anxious and somewhat skeptical about how Jadrien was going to capture our home memories. However, I was thankful he took his time to talk to us beforehand so we could get to know him and he could get to know us. His calm, casual, and gentle demeanor really helped all of us go about our daily activities in the comfort of our home. We didn't have to chase a screaming toddler in a studio or make everyone smile and look at the camera which can be stressful. My kids actually began to show Jadrien their favorite things and acted like we had invited a cool friend for them to hangout with.

Once we saw our photos it was emotional to see that our boys are growing up quickly and we are always so busy sometimes we miss the little details in things that we do everyday in our homes. His photography allows you to see personalities of your family members and emotion. We now have pictures for the boys that they can have for their future and as parents to view when our lives our hectic and we need to remember home, family, and love. 
Thank you Jadrien."

-The Vognilds